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Julie Hernandez, Owner/Instructor

My name is Julie Hernandez and I am the Owner/Instructor of Aqua Buddies Swim School, LLC. I am very excited you are reading this, because it means you have the same interest in protecting our
children as I do!  I am a Mother to a little girl and I know firsthand the importance of keeping children safe around the water. Being able to see a child with the ability to swim and/or float unassisted by an adult is an amazing sight. Being the person who teaches a child those skills is an even more amazing sight and feeling.  

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Jennifer Brown Rios, Instructor

Jennifer Brown Rios joins the Aqua Buddies Family with a passion for children and their safety.  She has had a love for swimming since she was young and quickly realized in her early adult years how important swimming/survival skills were in young children.

After years of working in several different professions that included medical equipment, insurance, real estate, and the legal field, she was seeking a change. When COVID-19 hit, she decided to take the unfortunate situation and use her free time getting trained and certified for her new “feel good” career!  Her experience with children is extensive and goes well beyond raising three of her own.  One of her children is an Aqua Buddies graduate and the other two have completed similar survival swim programs.  Learning to swim and survive was not an option for her kids and she whole heartedly feels it should not be an option for any child here in Florida!  She has a desire to share the importance of both children AND adults learning how to survive in the water, specifically with Foster families and families of special needs children.  Her loyalty, experience, and overall passion for children is contagious and shines through her friendly personality on a daily basis. We are thrilled to have her as part of the Aqua Buddies Family!

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