Aqua Buddies Swim School


Julie Hernandez, Owner/Instructor

  My name is Julie Hernandez and I am the Owner/Instructor of Aqua Buddies Swim School, LLC. I am very excited you are reading this, because it means you have the same interest in protecting our
children as I do!  I am a Mother to a little girl and I know firsthand the importance of keeping children safe around the water. Being able to see a child with the ability to swim and/or float unassisted by an adult is an amazing sight. Being the person who teaches a child those skills is an even more amazing sight and feeling.  

  Aqua Buddies Swim School, LLC was created in 2015 when my husband, Sebastian, and I were searching for survival swim lessons for our then infant daughter.  There were limited amount of companies in our area that taught this crucial life saving skill.  As a former Paralegal of almost 20 years, I was looking for a change in careers wherein I could connect more personally with my work and decided a career change was needed.  I worked with children of all ages over the years in  daycare centers and various settings and I took pride in my ability to easily develop great rapport with children.  After an extensive training program I obtained certification in teaching survival swim lessons and have loved every minute of it since.  I truly enjoy what I do and I love teaching these little ones the skills needed to save themselves should an aquatic emergency situation ever arise. 

  I thank each and every Parent who has trusted in me and the program and am thankful every day that together we are making the children of our community more water confident! Many of my clients have become great friends and remain part of the Aqua Buddies family long after their lessons are over.  In the past five years I've been able to teach hundreds of students including refresher students who come back with their new sibling(s).  I look forward to the next five years and to maintaining the Aqua Buddies family friendly business it has grown into.  


                                                         Ms. Julie 

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