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Aqua Buddies Swim School

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Julie Hernandez, Owner


Aqua Buddies 

Swim School


As Port Saint Lucie’s first year-round indoor swim school for children Aqua Buddies Swim School offers proven aquatic survival skills training to enable your child to swim, float, and swim in the event that they may find themselves in the water unassisted. Our hands-on, one-on-one approach to learning allows us to guide your child through personalized age-appropriate lessons from initial water survival skills to more technique driven lessons that focus on stroke development.

welcome to our new indoor facility 

Swim School located in Port St. Lucie, Florida

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Click the link below to be redirected to our contact form. This is the fastest way to reach a staff member.

Forms & Policies

Click here to download a copy of our Forms & Polices.


Click the link below to be redirected to our FAQ'S page for further information and resources on water safety and infant water survival.

Aqua Buddies

Parent Recommended

Brittany Wilson

“Miss Julie did an amazing job with my daughter and was very professional, patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Aqua Buddies Swim School to anyone and will be taking my third child there once ready! After only 4 weeks I can feel good about putting my daughter in our home pool and watch her continue doing what she learned with ease!”

Jeff Price

“I was a little bit skeptical about having someone teach my daughter how to swim. My wife convinced me that this would be the best gift for our 2-year-old. I couldn’t believe by the end of week 1 my daughter was able to float on her own. I am so glad that we decided to sign her up with Aqua Buddies.

Danea Nurczyk

“Julie was so amazing teaching my 4-yr. old daughter survival swim lessons! We just came back from vacation and it was such a relief to know that she was comfortable and capable in the pool. My family was so impressed with how well she could swim, float, and flip over in the water. The best investment you can make.

Aqua Buddies



Aqua Buddies


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Aqua Buddies
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Aqua Buddies
Swim School Awards

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Aqua Buddies
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Aqua Buddies Swim School

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