Swim Plan Information:

Roll-Over Float Method – This specific technique teaches infants and babies how to roll over onto their
backs and rise to the surface of water; this allows them to breath until help
arrives. Infants aged 6 months and older have the capabilities to use the Roll-Over Float Method. Here at

Aqua Buddies we realize that all babies are unique individuals and cognitively different. We recommend

the Roll-Over Float lessons may start between 6-10 months old or once the child is mobile and if they are

at higher risk (ex. have a pool). Typically we recommend 10 months and up as a good age to start.  


Swim-Float-Swim Method – This method focuses on toddlers and children 12 months of age and older. The
Swim-Float-Swim technique teaches a sequence of rotating between floating and swimming until they
can reach a safety point.


Stroke Lessons- A type of swimming technique that should be taught after the swim-float-swim 
has been learned and mastered. Proper techniques are learned in breast stroke, butterfly and freestyle swimming. 

Group Swim Classes– Age appropriate group lessons that promote water confidence and develop a
healthy respect for bodies of water. These small group sessions promote social interaction while still
teaching a weekly designated lesson. – Coming Soon

Sunlight Christian Academy Discount:

·         50% off Registration Fee

·         20% off every week of lessons, must provide documentation from Sunlight that your child is currently enrolled.